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Mosaics with no broken tiles?!

If you've been to our San Jose showroom recently, you may have noticed we replaced the plywood near the windows with a colorful tile mosaic.  Not just the Debris Series or Vitrail field tile, but all of Fireclay's tile, including Crush Recycled Glass, and not one was broken!  The arrangement is so stunning that a customer took photos of it while she waited for car to be loaded last Friday. 

Left side of the Fireclay Showroom entry


Right side of the Fireclay Showroom entry


Close-up of the Right side

As you can see the composition is made of our Debris and Vitrail field tile, Decoratives, Trim, Crush and Cuerda Seca tiles.  The mastermind behind the installation is mosaic artist Delaine Hackney.  The intent of the design was to add a "welcoming touch of color to the face of the building."  Delaine knew Eric (of Fireclay) wanted to mimic Fireclay's logo and that's exactly what she did with her own colorful twist. The creation took Delaine three trips from Oakland and about 10 hours to complete.  Carlos (of Fireclay) grouted the tile once Delaine was finished with the tile arrangement.  The Fireclay team couldn't be happier with the whole-tile mosaic, Thank You Delaine!!

A couple of Delaine's pieces are in the showroom and they attract quite a bit of attention.  If you're interested in learning more about her work or even taking a class from her, please see her website address below:


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