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Mosaics!! Fall Mosaic Class - Saturday October 20

Have Fun with Mosaics at Fireclay - Saturday, October 20th!

On Saturday, October 20th, Fireclay in San Jose will have another fantastic Mosaic Class, instructed by Delaine Hackney, a professional mosaic artist.   Delaine has taught many mosaic classes and quite a few of them at Fireclay Tile.  She is a great teacher and very encouraging to beginners.  Delaine will provide all tools and supplies (including Fireclay tile).  Please bring your lunch or you can visit our local, Zapata's, for Mexican food.  

The class is from 10.30 am to 2.30 pm on Saturday, October 20th and the cost is $90.  The class will take place at Fireclay Tile in San Jose.    To register or ask questions, contact Delaine at delaine@delainemosaic.com or give her a call at 415-517-1507.  She'd love to hear from you!!

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