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From Now On, This is How You Buy Tile

Tile is an inherently complicated buying experience – the production source is rarely transparent, sampling is challenging, pricing is inconsistent, shipping is expensive, and final installation is always stressful.  Our new E-commerce experience aims to tear down these challenges by creating a completely seamless online experience for purchasing tile. Fireclay Tile is heralding the idea that the old way of buying tile is obsolete; paving the way for a cutting-edge, fresh approach, that allows you to take control of the buying process.  Now you can buy tile any time, and anywhere, even in your pajamas.

The new features of our website include:

  • Free Samples and Free Shipping 
  • Simplified pricing, with colors and patterns easily found online and shoppable 
  • Online “Make it Yours” purchasing tool – Pick your color, size, and quantity, and it will be made for you in California in just a few short weeks 
  • First ever manufacturer sponsored Find a Local Installer program, linking customers with top-notch tile installers 
  • Free Design Assistance, including online chat and tile design services

​One of the most exciting aspects of our new online experience is our new purchasing tool.  We have simplified the buying process by breaking it up into 6 easy steps, broken down below.

1. ) Select your product:

After you have ordered your 5 free color samples you can begin the buying process there, or start at the beginning by selecting your desired product, Tile, Glass, Brick or Handpainted and click next to choose your color.

2.) Select your color:

Now comes the fun part, color!  Simply click the drop down and all of our color names for your chosen product will be displayed.  On the side is detailed information about our colors, including a description of color variation.

3.) Select your shape:

Once you have your product type and color dialed down you get to choose your shape.  Every possible shape and size for your selected color will be displayed in the box on the right, with detailed information on shape and size in the help box on the left.  Click your winner and continue to the next step.

4.) Enter your quantity:

Now we'll help you find out how much tile you need to order.  Simply type in your desired square-footage for this specific tile, and don't forget to order overage just to be safe!  We set up a quick and easy overage calculator to help you determine how much extra you should order.

5.) Select optional trim:

Trim is up next!  Trim is measured by the linear foot, so all you need to do is type in your measurement, and we'll do the rest.  To help you figure out how much and what type of trim you'll need we set up a help box on the left including a pop out describing all of the different trim options and their uses.

6.) Review your order:

You're all done!  All you have to do now is review your order and proceed to checkout!  If you need more than one type of tile simply repeat the purchasing process, and like always if you need anything drop us a line, or chat.  We are eager to help you through this new tile buying experience!


Need some extra help buying your tile?  Simply give us a call, chat our fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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