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Introducing Wave & Picket: Two New Shapes For Fall - Part 2

Wave: Debris Series shown in Cyclone & Picket: Debris Series shown in Fossil
Wave: Debris Series shown in Cyclone & Picket: Debris Series shown in Fossil

Fireclay is thrilled to announce the release of two new shapes for fall: Wave & Picket. Shapes that capture the beauty of patterns in everyday life.

Today we turn our attention to Picket, an iconic pattern that we've transformed into a bold, geometric tile shape. Picket, a beautifully articulated design, makes an opulent yet contemporary statement. Picket’s contoured pattern is ideal for floors, walls, fountains and accent features that will enhance any indoor or outdoor setting. Fireclay offers a spectrum of 80 natural, lead-free glazes that include both lively, vibrant tones and subtle, neutral tones in gloss and satin matte finish. Combine Picket with a contrasting grout color for an eye-catching graphic feature installation. Picket is handmade on the Debris Series Recycled Ceramic Tile body in a 3 5/8" x 10.25" tile size and is available for purchase today!

Picket: Debris Series shown in Fossil
Picket: Debris Series shown in Fossil

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