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Introducing Wave & Picket: Two New Shapes For Fall - Part 1

Introducing: Wave & Picket
Picket: Debris Series shown in Fossil  and Wave: Debris Series shown in Cyclone (middle) and Sky Blue

Fireclay is thrilled to announce the release of two new shapes for fall: Wave & Picket. Shapes that capture the beauty of patterns in everyday life.

Today we cast the spotlight on Wave, a dynamic new edition to the Fireclay line-up. Looking to the Pacific Ocean for inspiration, we evoke our California coastal roots with this graceful new pattern. Wave floats freely across a horizontal or vertical surface for a calming effect on walls, floors, fountains or accent features on indoor or outdoor applications. Wave’s long, lean, curvilinear design is available in 80 natural, lead-free glazes, with the option to combine hues to create patterns with a splash of color. Available in a gloss finish that sends a swell of color shimmering across its handcrafted surface, or in a more placid, tranquil, satin matte finish. The 2.75" x 12" Wave tile is handmade on the Debris Series Recycled Ceramic Tile body and is available to order today!

Wave Debris Series in Cyclone
Wave: Debris Series shown in Cyclone

Hand crafted and timeless inspiration from Fireclay Tile.

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