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How to Use Fireclay’s Debris and Vitrail Tile Colors In Your Kitchen or Bathroom Backsplash

By Amie Johnson

design specialist

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve helped customers in the showroom that want to use our Debris Series Recycled Tile and Vitrail Series Handmade Tile colors together. It happens so often because when you come into our San JoseFactory Showroom and you make it back to the hallway of colors, its quite overwhelming. Most people get so excited at their choices of 224 different colors and what they don’t realize, unless they’ve already been told, is that the left side of the hallway is Vitrail and the other side is Debris. So they pick out all of their colors and ask for design help. Oops...now they are dead set on using these colors.

So first off, our Debris and Vitrail clay bodies are different sizes which can put a kink in your design. The reason for the different sizes is simply because the Debris Series tiles contain recycled post consumer glass and when they are fired the glass expands, thus causing the clay body to expand. So the Debris Series tiles tend to be a tad larger. So my suggestions are always to use either the Vitrail or the Debris for the field and to use the other for the decorative element in your design in a different size. Then, take your color selections home and look at them in the lighting they will be going in because as you can see, the colors give a different feel in different lighting.

Debris and Vitrail Colors Mixed TogetherDebris and Vitrail tile colors mixed together

Debris Series - Merlot, Debris Series - Peabody, Debris Seires - Lichen and Vitrail Series - Tarragon

When you’ve narrowed down the colors, pick out a few decorative pieces to finish off your design. As you can see in the picture the boldness of Debris colors compliment the high crackle beauty of the Vitrail colors.

Debris Series and Vitrail Series Backsplash Idea

So now you’ve incorporated both clay bodies, have a beautiful “green” design as your backsplash and you still got to use the colors you LOVED! So be creative with our tiles and if you need help with that, then you can turn to us color specialists here at Fireclay Tile and we’ll help you design a timeless backsplash using all of your ideas.

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