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Fireside: The Campfire as Inspiration

Vitrail Series: Tangerine, Nautical & Orange Zest

As the cool night air settles in, all of a sudden we remember that we've been waiting all year for that special moment with friends, family, someone halfway strumming a guitar, that crazy guy who insists on wearing shorts in October, and a nice cold microbrew in our wool wrapped hands (okay maybe it’s not mitten season yet - but we’re thinking about it). 

Ocean Bonfire

The campfire - a gathering place for memories to be made, friends to share stories and mostly a reason to LIGHT STUFF ON FIRE. For some of us, it’s a simple stack of firewood that was freshly cut last weekend. For others, it’s furniture that's past it’s prime. And for a lucky few... it's driftwood found on the beach.

Vitrail Series: Apricot Honey & Jet Black
Vitrail Series: Apricot Honey & Jet Black

Just like our factory kilns, we love the bold contrasts of a fire’s roar. The oranges and yellows, the black burning embers and of course, that coveted blue flame. Why not make a statement with contrasting colors and meandering lines, or make a custom fiery blend of glass tile perfect for a shower pan. No matter your project there is inspiration to be found in the warmth of a flame.

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