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Fireclay Tile for Landscape Architecture - Part 1

By Annette Heacox, Partner Luciole Design Inc. - April 2010

We discovered Fireclay Tile while creating custom tiles for a three year long project.

As landscape architects, we constantly look for new textures and materials. The range of custom colors that Fireclay Tile offers is really nice. There are several tile series to choose from and many are new and avant-garde.

We especially appreciate the Debris Series, using recycled clay for sustainability. It is great to be able to create custom tiles while maximizing sustainability, one of our firm’s goals.

The professionalism we encountered during each visit makes Fireclay Tiles a great company to work with. Generous with its samples, Fireclay Tile also has a fantastic boneyard. It encompasses treasures for each of us, as we find material to use in unique and fun ways to enrich a wall, a planter or a water feature.

More recently we had the pleasure to work with Fireclay as a sponsor for our exhibit of an 800 square foot garden at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show in March of 2010.

We designed and built a custom table with inlaid mosaic tiles

from the Fireclay Tile Boneyard. Tile chosen for their range of complimentary colors also adorned a series of planters.

Fireclay Tile 
Garden Tile from Lucoile Design at SF Garden Show - 1










Many visitors admired the table and planters, and were endlessly directed to Fireclay and the boneyard. I feel that by now the boneyard may be close to empty!!!

Fireclay Tile  Garden Tile 
from Lucoile Design at SF Garden ShowFireclay Tile garden Tile by lucoile Design SF Garden Show

We exhibited the same table at the California Flower and Garden Show a few weeks later, with much success among visitors.  The nearby exhibitors also appreciated the table, as we gathered to celebrate the end of each day with Champagne, beer, wine and cheese!

Mosaic Garden Tile Fireclay Tile and Lucoile DesignMosaic Tile  Garden Design Fireclay Tile and Lucoile DesignMosaic Garden Tile - Fireclay  Tile and Lucoile Design

Thanks again to Fireclay for its sponsorship. We look forward to keeping on working with you for many successful years to come.

Annette Heacox
Partner Luciole Design Inc.

Note: This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Series on using Fireclay Tile for Landscape Design. Be sure to check out Fireclay Tile for Landscape Architecture - Part 2

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