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Fireclay Tile Dealer Showroom Spotlight: Q-Tile and Lighting

One of our newest Fireclay Tile Dealers, Q-Tile and Lighting in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida openened it's doors two and a half months ago with ten differnent lines of tile.

Suzy Accola, Owner and Designer, took a few moments to chat with us about her reasons behind choosing to pick up Fireclay Tile.

Suzy Accola in her Q-Tile and Lighting Showroom in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Owner/Designer, Suzy Accola in the Q-TIle and Lighting Showroom.


FCT: What prompted you to open Q-Tile and Lighting in Santa Rosa Beach?

SA: I moved here four months ago from Wisconsin, and saw a need for quality artisan tile in the area.

FCT: Why do you carry Fireclay?

SA: I love the shapes, colors, and the fact that it's handmade vibrant tile, my clients love the colors available and the fun shapes too. Building Green is a passion of mine, and after becoming a licensed Green Consultant it became even more important for me to choose vendors who not only make an envirnonmentall friendly product, but have sustainable business practices as well.

FCT: What are some of your Fireclay Favorites?

SA: Right now, it's the Paseo shape in turquoise and the larger tiles in the Crush line.



FCT: What is your favorite, or most memorable install?

SA: We LOVE color at Q!  One install was pretty exciting as it was a dining room floor and kitchen floor.  The cabinets were robins egg blue.  We went with 4 colors of 9 inch arabesco floor tile: robins egg  blue, vanilla, light yellow and sage green.  The kitchen transitioned into vanilla and robins egg blue 10 inch square tiles to form a pattern.  There was a BIG moment when we all were scared if the color/pattern combo could be overwhelming.
Luckily for all of us, it turned out to be a beautiful, eclectic and cheerful kitchen/dining room!  In fact, it won a space in the tile company's latest catalogue!  We can't wait to be in Fireclay's!

Having said that, we take our selections seriously, but like to take risks.  So far, they have really paid off!  We absolutely love the color pallet and array of design options we have with Fireclay.



If you are in the Santa Rosa Beach,FL - stop in and say, "Hi" to our firends at Q-Tile!


If you would like to become a Fireclay Tile Dealer, please visit our become a dealer page.

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