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Fireclay Rocks the San Jose 1/2 Marathon / Mini-Marathon

Fireclay Tile Race Team with Tile Guy

On Sunday, October 6th, 36 members of the Fireclay Team gathered on a crisp fall morning to race in the San Jose 1/2 Marathon / 5 mile Mini-Marathon. Sporting some fresh new "Tile to the People" athletic shirts, the team was looking smart as we hustled over from the San Jose Showroom to the start line.

Rock n' Roll 1/2 Marathon and Mini-Marathon Map

Our fearless leader and CEO, Eric Edelson, donned a life-sized tile costume emblazoned with the Fireclay Logo and ran the lion's share of the 13.1 mile race with it on. Pausing only briefly for photos or to jump on stage to rock out with one of the bands scattered throughout course, Eric could be heard shouting words of encouragment to all the runners he passed on his mission to bring tile to the people!

Fireclay Team with Tile Guy

Post-race we reconvened at Fireclay HQ, where we were joined by more of the team, family, and significant others for some delicious BBQ and cold drinks to talk over the race and relax in the sunshine. In spite of the sore muscles we all experienced this morning (I hope I wasn't the only one), sharing food and the feeling of accomplishment crossing the finish line made for a very special day indeed.

Tile Guy Rocking the San Jose 1/2 Marathon

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