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Fireclay On Pattern: Star & Cross

Our Star & Cross pattern

Featuring an interlocking eight-pointed star and cross design, our Star & Cross pattern takes from Spanish colonial architecture and sumptuous Moroccan salons.  Embracing both the traditional and the exotic, this geometric design is sure to add a graphic touch to your decor.

Whether in a solid hue or an alternating color combination, this geometric pattern will offer your space with unique visual interest.  This bathroom installation makes a loud statement by pairing a classic, neutral interior with our Star & Cross floor design in a single, highly saturated Turquoise.

A bathroom installation featuring our Star & Cross Pattern

If you're looking for a more subtle approach to pattern, follow this home's lead.  By utilizing Star & Cross in a soft white hue, they allow the pattern to speak for itself against the vibrant blue bathroom walls.

A bathroom installation featuring our Star & Cross pattern; Image: Design Sponge.  Design and photo by My Life Eclectic

Star & Cross isn't only for large installations.  In a small space this geometric pattern can create big impact.  We love how this restaurant frames a small rectangular area of Star & Cross with a classic 6x12 Field Tile, creating a memorable and inviting entryway in to their space.

An exterior entryway installation featuring our Star & Cross pattern in Turquoise and Denim

Don't forget about your walls!  Whether you're looking to infuse your kitchen backsplash with bold pattern, or your bathroom is in desperate need of a refresh, Star & Cross might be your answer.  We suggest using this geometric favorite in a monotonal color scheme to give your space a sense of understated graphic appeal.

Our Star & Cross pattern as an accent wall; Image: Fired Earth

Love this look?  Shop Star & Cross now.  Need a little help?  Simply chat, call, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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