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Exciting Alternative Uses for Fireclay Ceramic TIle

Trivets, Coasters, Pizza Stones, and Butter Trays!

We are all accustomed to using ceramic tile for its intended purpose - kitchen, bathrooms, floors, wall coverings, etc. But there are so many other wonderful uses for ceramic tile and especially Fireclay Tile! Here we present three quick ideas for turning your ceramic tile into something fun and extremely useful:

Trivets, Hot Pads and/or Coasters

Ceramic tile has some fantastic properties - it is durable and will last forever, is an extremely clean and hygenic surface that won't get moldy, and is unique and beautiful, especially when featuring Fireclay's beautiful colored glazes. For a coaster it will easily protect your most precious hard surfaces (such as wood), and if using it as a hot pad our ceramic tiles are high fired and can withstand heat you might give it.

Ceramic Tile Used as Hot Plate

Ceramic Tile used for Coaster

You can easily DIY these product with a few rubber feet at the corners, and paired with a beautiful tile you have a unique creation that will complement your kitchen. Lately we've been making a lot of decorative coasters/hot pads using our Cuerda Seca decorative tiles, and they have been a hit with customers and friends. 

If you happen to be near our San Jose Factory Showroom stop by and make yourself a set!

Pizza Stones

Fireclay Tile Unglazed Ceramic Tile Pizza StoneIf you like making pizza you will LOVE a Fireclay pizza stone. There are a lot of options when it comes to pizza stones, but as Planet Green points out a DIY approach using a ceramic tile like Fireclay's 12x12 unglazed Debris Series makes the perfect option. It's a high-fired ceramic product that is light-weight, easy to clean and store, and makes delicious pizzas.

Why a pizza stone - amazing crust, consistent heat throughout the entire pizza, and most important your friends will be very impressed!

We currently sell these pizza stones through our ebay store, so pick yours up today!

Butter TraysFlea Street Cafe uses Debris Series for Butter Trays

One of our favorite customers, Jesse Cool, the owner of the extremely popular Flea Street Cafe in Menlo Park, CA, recently turned us on to a creative use for our Debris Series Field Tiles. She recently visited our Factory Showroom and purchased about 50 Moss colored 2x2s. We thought maybe it was a replacement for something, but she later informed us that she was using the tiles for butter trays in her restaurant!

We love these creative ideas, and encourage others to think of fun ways of using tile for alternative purposes. Ceramic tiles cleanliness, natural ingredients, and our lead-free glazes all make for a perfect product upon which to have fun and get creative!

If you have other ideas, please comment and let us know! And if you want to purchase tile for any of these purposes, look no further and let one of our fantastic Fireclay Tile dealers or our team know how we can be helpful!

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