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Color Spotlight: White is Just Right With Cotton

Image: Design Sponge

Hands down, white is the go-to anti color for most home interiors across the United States. More and more, our modern homes echo the simply elegant and stylishly cool white shades embraced in Scandinavian homes. Every magazine we pick up, every HGTV show we watch, extol the unending virtues of white. Clean, fresh, brilliant, sublime–the adjectives abound. 

Anyone who has gone to pick out the perfect white, whether its is a white paint, tile, or couch, has had the epiphany that choosing the right white is not as simple as it seems. A bright, soulless white can make a room feel sterile, lackluster, or totally uninspired. But add a little life, some ivory or grey to that pure white and suddenly you have a tone that is comforting, and relaxed. Our glazed thin Brick color, Cotton has just the right amount of character, its rustic appeal mixed with modern charm is spot on for any space.

Image: Studio M

Cotton can be the star of the show or the essential background color. It sets off architectural details, compliments and showcases other colors in the room. Light tile with dark grout lines bring a cohesive element to the contrasting floors and walls of this bathroom.

Glazed Brick color shown: Cotton

Sheer perfection describes our glaze color Cotton to a T. Soft subtle undertones of grey keep it grounded, approachable, supremely livable. Our Glazed Brick is made in partnership with McNear Brick & Block, the oldest brick manufacturer in California (est. 1868!), whose thin brick is made from 100% post-consumer reclaimed earth.

Image: Houzz

Our thin Brick is a classic and popular choice for bathroom installations and kitchens of all types–modern, rustic, country, traditional–Cotton is ideal for any application. But it get's even better! Glazed thin Brick is an inspired choice for hallways and home offices, lending a grounding structural element to otherwise lightweight or invisible spaces. As shown in the installation below, blending our Brick color Snow with Cotton can add more texture and depth.

Brick colors shown: Snow and Cotton

Image: Take Over Time

Outstanding on walls, thin Brick can give a virtuoso performance on the floor.  An Offset layout as seen below is stylish and gracious, but other patterns like Herringbone can add a chic sophisticated element.

Image: Elle Decor

Love this look?  Shop Cotton Now.  Need some help?  Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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