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Clay Expectations - Featured Artists - Part 2 - Bella Vista Tile

Bella Vista Tile!

By Kate Fox

Old-world beauty and elegance is something you don’t necessarily have to travel to Italy or Rome to see. Nor do you need to travel to Turkey or to the jeweled-like domed buildings of Saint Petersburg, Russia. In fact, you may be surprised to find that such craft and beauty can be seen right here in the US. In Brasstown, situated in the western part of North Carolina, this old-world beauty and elegance is crafted from the imagination. It is at Bella Vista Tile one can see the most beautiful, elegant, and uniquely crafted tile of today.


Bella Vista Tile - Picture 2Bella Vista Tile - Picture 1


Bella Vista Tile was founded in 2003 by artists Lisa and James TeviaClark. All of their tiles are hand-made and painted with wood-ash glazes. The bas-relief designs offer a unique surface appearance and add to the true beauty of each tile.

Some designs are shell-like in appearance,


Bella Vista Tile - Picture 3


while others resemble precious  jewels.


Bella Vista Tile - Picture 4


When you first hold one of these tiles, your eyes widen. You suddenly find yourself examining every bit of its surface-- you’re drawn in by the deep saturation of color, the surface texture, and its jewel-like presence.
I have to admit, I felt like a kid in a candy shop when I first saw this tile. I was lucky enough to have met Lisa and James TeviaClark recently at “Clay Expectations: A Festival of Tiles and Mosaics,” in Oakland, on September 12th. While I was surrounded by beautiful tile from all around, I couldn’t help but continuously glance over to Bella Vista Tile’s tile display. I would walk over, look at all the tiles, pick one up, and be anxious to see more.

Lisa and James were more than sweet. They told me about their lives as artists and the creation of Bella Vista Tile. They have traveled all over the United States, and their tiles are exhibited in showrooms-- from east coast to west. You may find a complete listing of showrooms hosting Bella Vista Tile on the company’s website, http://www.bellavistatile.com. It is here that you may also find the TeviaClark’s biography and gallery photographs.


Bella Vista Tile - Picture 5


As always, here at Fireclay Tile, we are pleased meet any great tile artist. It was a pleasure meeting you,  Lisa and James.

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