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Clay Expectations - Featured Artists - Part 1 - Janet Ontko

Janet Ontko, Featured Artist from “Clay Expectations: A Festival of Tiles and Mosaics”
By Kate Fox

Janet Ontko - Clay Ceramicist

There’s nothing better to come across than a great piece of art-- art that is calming and reminds you of home. From bird houses, to sculptures, to little mouse card holders, the collection from Janet Ontko Clay Forms will draw you in and charm your hearts. Fireclay Tile was very blessed to have met Janet Ontko recently at “Clay Expectations: A Festival of Tiles and Mosaics,” which was held on September 12th, in downtown Oakland. We had neighboring tables at this event, and upon meeting, became very good friends.

Janet Ontko started Janet Ontko Clay Forms in 1995, and for the past fifteen years, she has showcased her work in wholesale and retail shows across America. Her work can be seen in galleries and museums throughout the US and Japan. She has won numerous awards for her work and has been published in both magazine and newspaper print. In addition, Janet’s tiles have been featured on the set of “Martha Stewart Living.”

Janet’s inspiration for her work comes from a combination of natural forms and vintage ceramics. She enjoys interpreting nature in a creative way and develops her work for the home and garden. She has done both commercial and civic projects as well. Janet opens her studio to the public twice a year to showcase new designs, and her studio is open by appointment throughout the year.

Janet Ontko - Clay Ceramicist at Clay ExpectationsJanet Ontko - Clay Ceramicist at Clay Expectations

You can see all of Janet’s work and visit her online store at http://www.janetontko.com. As always, we are pleased to meet any great tile artist. We are very happy to have met Janet Ontko, and we wish her the very best of luck in her future tile making!

Janet Ontko DragonflyJanet Ontko Bird

Janet Ontko Medallion

Note: This is a 3-part blog that includes insights into three other ceramicists we loved meeting at the Clay Expectations Event in Oakland.

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