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Clay Expectations: A Festival of Tiles and Mosaics

By Kate Fox

It’s not too often one gets the opportunity to be completely immersed in a world of tile-- to be surrounded by its history, its beauty, its unique craft. For those of you who know the Historic Howden Building in Oakland, California, you may have an idea of the beauty to which I speak of. For those of you who don’t, let me just quote from Mosaic Art Now and say it’s “a glittering, shimmering, jewelry box of a tile showroom.” Unique in many ways, this building, which was built in 1925, houses a showcase of tile-- and it is in this very place that the Tile Heritage Foundation presents “Clay Expectations: A Festival of Tiles and Mosaics” this Sunday, September 12th, 10-5 pm.

Fireclay Tile Floreza Cuerda Seca Decorative Tile

Fireclay's Handmade Cuerda Seca Painting

This fundraising event will bring together the work of tile artisans and artists alike all to be showcased and exhibited in “support of the Tile Heritage Foundation’s ongoing archival and cataloging programs.” Accompanying the presentation of tile and mosaic art, tours and lectures will be given, along with children’s workshops on clay and mosaics. Amongst the tile artisans and artists attending, Fireclay Tile is thrilled to be a participant in this Sunday’s event and share our unique 24-year-old tile history. We will be showcasing our sustainable, handmade, local tile, specifically our hand-painted Cuerda Seca tiles, which we have been making here at Fireclay Tile for over 15 years. Please join us and witness the true beauty and uniqueness of tile from all around and learn about its fascinating history. It will truly be an event not to be missed-- so bring your family along to this spectacular showcase and have some fun!

For more information, please visit http://www.tileheritage.org/TileHeritage-home.html or visit http://mosaicartnow.blogspot.com/.











Sunday, September 12th, 10-5 pm

Historic Howden Building

17th & Webster Sts., Oakland, California

Admission: $5 ($4 with this notice)



Tiles Out of the Blue: Creating Beauty from the Earth

California Decorative Tiles, 1900-1930

By Joseph A. Taylor 11-noon Sunday, Sept. 12th

The Tiles of California Faience

Berkeley, California


By Kirby William Brown 1-2pm Sunday, Sept. 12th

Southern California Mosaic Fantasy Worlds:

Towers, Totems and Tiles

By Lillian Sizemore 3-4 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 12th


Tiles and Terra Cotta in Uptown Oakland

A Walking Tour with Riley Doty

Presented by Oakland Heritage Alliance

12:30 – 3 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 12th

Separate charge: $10

Workshop for Kids -Mosaic

Elizabeth Raybee will orchestrate a “drop-in for

kids” (of all ages) to make mini-mosaics. Among

the choices will be mosaic pins or fridge magnets

made in jar lids or anchovy/sardine cans. Lots of

fun and glitter! Everyone can take away a

finished piece. Elizabeth Raybee is an

internationally recognized mosaic artist and


Workshop for Kids - Clay

Tile Heritage is also providing a supervised Kids’

Clay Table all day with well known ceramists &

teachers: Irene de Watteville, Dale Wiley, Lisa

Cox, Chere Mah and Colette Crutcher. This will

be an informal setting with lots of clay tools,

stamps and molds as well as guidance and

demonstration by the teachers. Everyone can take

home what they make!

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