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Calling all DIYers - 50% Off Boneyard Sale - Ends Sept. 21st

Boneyard Sale

Feeling the urge to be creative? Looking for some design inspiration? Come by our Boneyard to get started on your next DIY home improvement project.

Tailor made for the bargain hunter and DIYer, Fireclay's Boneyard features overstock and factory seconds at a huge discount from retail. Prices are 70-90% off and range from $10 a box to $10 a sq/ft. Dig around a little and you'll find some unique, beautiful, first quality Fireclay products along with gorgeous decoratives, moldings, and Cuerda Secas.

Here's a couple of gorgeous DIY fireplace surrounds made from the Boneyard:

Crush Recycled Glass Tile Fireplace surround

Boneyard Fireplace Surround

Don't have a fireplace? Already tiled your kitchen backsplash? Here's a few more Boneyard ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

  • Grab an empty planter box or flower pot to put a unique mosaic tile spin on. 
  • Tired of the way that old table looks? Why not add some color pop to it? Transform it from boring to a conversation piece.
  • Looking for a thoughtful, fun, personal gift to give friends? We've got just the right materials for DIY tile trivets (A trivet is an object placed between a serving dish or bowl, and a dining table, to protect the table from heat or water damage - yes, I googled it). Throw 4 rubber feet on the bottom so you don't scratch that beautiful counter and you're in business.
  • Or how about a set of tile coasters? Come by the Boneyard and buy a few sets of Boneyard Cuerda Seca. Pick up some small rubber feet at your local hardward store to put on the bottom of each coaster (you don't want your thoughtful gift to score your friends favorite coffee table). Sign the bottom and voila! Perfect gifts for those friends that are always throwing dinner parties.

Boneyard Tile Coasters

  • Frame in a mirror with some colorful 2" x 4" pieces or create a fun mosaic design.
  • Grab some larger tiles to cut and use to create a garden mosaic. Or try the smaller embossed pieces. Boneyard mosaic possibilities are endless!

Boneyard Mosaic

Hand crafted and timeless inspiration from Fireclay Tile.

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