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Better Than Apple? Really?

Fireclay Tile vs. Apple

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Ok, so it's probably a stretch to compare Fireclay Tile to Apple. I mean, Apple did just report about $16 billion in sales over the last 3 months, which is about, well, A LOT more than Fireclay, but when it comes to lead times we're not so different.

Eric, our business guy, just snagged one of those hot new iPhone 4s and has been playing with it, making movies, and snapping photos left and right. When he ordered it, though, the lead time was 3 weeks! Ok, so the iPhone is hot, so demand is greater than supply. But then again today, after Apple launched their new "Bumper Program" for iPhone cases, the lead time was 3-5 weeks!

At Fireclay we make each and every order from scratch, start to finish, and we do it in about four weeks. Don't believe us? Just watch our manufacturing video to see how it's done. Not only that, but we make it right here in the U.S. and we do it using recycled materials which we up-cycle into beautiful new ceramic tile products that will last forever.

The iPhone, on the other hand, is made overseas, is made in bulk, and will be obsolete in about 2 years, and when you discard it the electronic pieces will be extremely difficult to recycle or dispose of properly.

So beyond just the mere fact that our lead times are pretty much the same, by our take we'll give you an even higher quality product made for you, by us, in only four weeks.

Want to experience it for yourself? Grab a sample here! (Note: this blog post was written on an Apple and the writer is a lover of all Apple related things!)

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