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Arts & Crafts Homes features Fireclay Tile’s Cuerda Seca Handmade Tile

We were thrilled to be showcased in the Summer 2010 Arts & Crafts Homes magazine for our beautiful Ceurda Seca handmade tiles. Arts & Crafts Homes is one of our favorite DIY resources, and we were proud to be shown alongside some other great tile companies and to have our Cuerda Seca Barcelona (in Tuscan Colorway) tile chosen as one of the few tiles featured.

Cuerda Seca decorative tiles are something we have been making for over 20 years. We hand design and handmake each and every Cuerda Seca decorative tile using our Debris Series clay body as the base and then using our own technique to first mark the tiles and then handpaint the design using either a Standard Colorway or a custom colorway chosen by the customer. Prices for a 4x4 are around $24 per piece and $28 per peice for a 6x6, though we also have offerings in 2x2 and can go as large as 12x12.

Cuerda Seca decoratives make for perfect accents to kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces, stair risers, fountains, and pools. Check out our Flickr gallery and search for cuerda seca to see examples of our work

To see our entire selection of Cuerda Seca please visit our Debris Series offering and select Cuerda Seca.


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