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Amazed at Mosaic Tile Creations from Fireclay’s Boneyard

Fun with Mosaic Tile in the Boneyard

The Fireclay Tile team is always amazed at the creations that come out of our Boneyard. Many times we find creative scavengers searching for inexpensive beautiful tile, and other times high end designers who know their clients are willing to push the limits. But for many, the experience can be overwhelming, especially with how vast the tile selection is. Thus, we called in the experts to help teach some of these folks how to best find tile in our Boneyard, and then what to do with that tile.

For the past several months guest mosaic tile teacher Delaine Hackney (www.delainemosaic.com) has been offering pet portraiture and garden mosaic classes on weekends at our San Jose Factory Showroom...specifically our boneyard.

Here are some wonderful pictures of some of the students creations at the most recent class:

Pet Portraiture examples from Fireclay TIle mosaic classes

Pet Portraiture examples from Fireclay TIle mosaic classes

So fantastic!

For more information on classes check out Delaine's website at www.delainemosaic.com. More classes are being offered over the next few months so sign up while there is still space!

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