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A Taste of Morocco in Your Backyard

There is a newly completed Moroccan-inspired haven here in San Jose. Brought to you by the creative minds of Jeffrey Gordon Smith Architecture, this private oasis beckons you to simply recline. Whether it is in the peacock mosaic hot tub, warming by the octagon fire pit or napping in the shaded lounge, this backyard transports you through time to a secret Marrakesh garden in Morocco itself. Intrigued? Let’s take the tour from the beginning…

To start, we begin with the design of the mosaic - can you find the peacock?

Peacock Mosaic Line Drawing

Once the design is finalized, it's time to color in the lines! Here we see how Jeffrey and his team begin to fill in the white with the chosen color composition. Try our color-it tool to design your own!

Peacock Mosaic Line Drawing with Color
Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Now the heavy lifting begins with construction underway on the octagon fire pit and curved hot tub.

Mosaic Hot Tub and Fire Pit Under Construction
Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

After a few months of labor, the final product is unveiled. This incredible custom project incorporates both handpainted Cuerda Seca tiles - the peacock mosaic, fire pit & Morrocan fountain in the lounge area - and Lapis field tile used in the hot tub. 

A Taste of Morocco in Your Backyard 
Photo taken by Jim Everett Photography, courtesy of Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

We are very excited to share this beautiful backyard with you and hope you find inspiration for your next work of art!

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