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5 Amazing Mosaic Tile Ideas from the San Jose Boneyard!

5 Mosaic Tile ideas For the San Jose Boneyard

by Delaine Hackney, guest mosaic artist/teacher

Here are 5 magical and mosaical ideas of what you can do with tile from Fireclay Tile’s Boneyard, featuring seconds and overstock from many of Fireclay's past orders.  If you are new to mosaic tiling, you may want to consult with a mosaic how-to book for details on which tools to use, proper adhesives and basic techniques.  Or jump in on a mosaic class at Fireclay Tile and get a comprehensive base of mosaic knowledge.  Whatever your mosaic projects,  discount tile from the Fireclay Tile Boneyard will make it sweet!

Mosaic Stepping Stone Fireclay Tile San Jose BoneyardMosaic Stepping Stone
Concrete stepping-stones can be purchased from Home Depot for around $1. They come in square or round and are ready for mosaicing onto.  Whether a simple design or a random abstract mosaic, either is easily doable in a weekend, including grouting.








Garden Gazing SphereGlazing Sphere for Mosaic Tile San Jose Boneyard
Old bowling balls make a great substrate for mosaic gazing spheres that add intense color and sparkle in the garden.  The bowling ball first needs to be sanded and then primed with either Kilz2 or Bonderizer so that the surface will be mosaic ready.  Glass gems (marbles that are flat on one side) are great for filling in between the ceramic Fireclay tile pieces.




Mosaic Bird Bath at Fireclay TileMosaic Bird Bath
The terra cotta saucer from under the large terra cotta pot may be purchased separately ($4 - $15 depending on size) and used as a substrate for a mosaic birdbath.  Mirror pieces mixed in here and there with the ceramic tile will add that special sparkle that birds love.








House Number SignMosaic House Number at Fireclay Tile
Either Hardibacker or Wonderboard would be an ideal substrate for a mosaic house number sign.  Ready for mosaic, these cement boards may be purchased in 3’x5’ sheets at Home Depot and later at home, easily cut down to your preferred size. The numbers, created with broken pieces of beautiful tile from Fireclay’s bone yard, can be as detailed or simple as you choose. Trimmed with a mosaic frame and complimentary background colors, before you know it, you’ll be mosaicing your whole house!

Mosaic Retaining Wall
This is a great project where the whole family can be involved.  A concrete wall is a great “canvas” for mosaicing a mural.  Mosaics are forgiving by their nature, and pretty much whatever gets glued onto the wall, as long as it is tile from the Fireclay bone yard, will be a whimsical, colorful and lively masterpiece!

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