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1% to Charity: Our Glazed Thin Brick Partnership with CORA

Our Glazed Thin Brick in Glacier

When we first launched Glazed Thin Brick product we committed to donating 1% of all sales to charity.  After a rewarding experience donating tile to CORA's San Mateo country facility we decided they would be the perfect fit for a charity partnership.  CORA, which stands for Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse, has been serving the San Mateo County since 1978 and is dedicated to helping those affected by domestic abuse.  CORA’s mission is to end domestic abuse with intervention and prevention including the county's only free emergency shelter and transitional housing for victims/survivors.

When asked about why CORA was originally chosen, Fireclay’s founder Paul Burns said, “Fireclay was happy to donate tile to help transform the space they offer for people in need. Our tiles are handmade in the Bay Area so they give a personal touch to any living environment.  It is most important that there is a safe place available for families if they are trapped in an abusive place.”

We are thrilled to announce we have recently made our yearly donation to CORA for 2013, and with such a great year of Glazed Brick sales we are happy to be able to help make a difference in such an important cause.

If you are interested in supporting CORA with us, check out there website and learn more about what they do.

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