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Fireclay Tile is Fired Up for Coverings!

Fireclay Tile is Fired Up for Coverings!

Fireclay Tile is excited to be attending Coverings 2012 in Orlando, Florida from April 17-20th. Fireclay Tile’s mission is to produce the most beautiful, durable ceramic products using sustainable manufacturing processes and recycled materials.

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Debris Series Recycled Tile Featured in Sunset Magazine

Many of you already know that Fireclay TIle has recently been trolling the Bay Area for recycled porcelain to add to our Debris Series Recycled Tile. Sunset Magazine learned of this initiative and decided to highlgiht us in the backpage of the March issue.

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EcoHome Magazine Features Fireclay Tile

A granite quarry in San Jose, Calif., struck an unusual business agreement with the Fireclay Tile factory next door. The quarry gives its rock dust to the tile company, which uses it to create its Debris series—a name that unabashedly markets the product’s 60% recycled content.

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SJ Mercury News: San Jose Tile Maker Reclaims Landfill-Bound Porcelain

Paul Burns, the president of San Jose's Fireclay Tile, describes himself as more of a scavenger than a die-hard environmentalist.  He values thrift and resourcefulness, and his company has been making recycled tiles for kitchens, baths and other uses for 10 years. Now, he is taking recycled tile to the next level, and the proof is in the porcelain.

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Fireclay Tile Featured as Customer of the Week

We love emailing our customers about new tile products and other exciting ceramic news from our company, and we use Vertical Response for that effort. This week we were featured as the Customer of the Week by Vertical Response for our July Newsletter.

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