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Wonderful New Fireclay Tile Videos

So thrilled with out two newest and most recent Fireclay Tile videos. These are each about 2 minutes long and provide a great oversight of everything we do at Fireclay Tile!

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Sweet Sweet Glaze Colors Oh How I love Your Beautiful Variation!

Recently the Ceramicists at Fireclay have been talking a lot about glaze color variation and how it impacts our fired ceramic tiles. Our recent blog post on The True Beauty of Color Variation in Fireclay Tile was meant to educate customers about the beauty of color varation and describe the mechanics of how it happens, and today we take the next step to actually showing you color variation and how it impacts each of our colors.

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Better Than Apple? Really?

Ok, so it's probably a stretch to compare Fireclay Tile to Apple. I mean, Apple did just report about $16 billion in sales over the last 3 months, which is about, well, A LOT more than Fireclay, but when it comes to lead times we're not so different.

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Fireclay Tile Featured as Customer of the Week

We love emailing our customers about new tile products and other exciting ceramic news from our company, and we use Vertical Response for that effort. This week we were featured as the Customer of the Week by Vertical Response for our July Newsletter.

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Welcome to Fireclay Tile’s Design Blog, dedicated to sustainable and beautiful design for people + the planet. We have invited several of our staff + friends to share their stories and inspirations with us. Do you have a Fireclay Story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you.


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